1 Jan 2018: Got hit with a kernel NVMe bug, updated kernel and tweaked some parameters, should be better now.
1 Dec 2017: Moved I/O intensive files to NVMe and optimized Python, lower latency, hopefully better payouts.
2 Nov 2017: Upgraded to new hardware, lower latency connection and IPv6 support.
5 Sep 2017: Adaptive difficulty policy has been enabled! This gives each worker it's own difficulty rather than using the pool difficulty. This should result in lower stale shares and hopefully better efficiencies, but there is no guarantee.


Cudaminer: ccminer -N 60 -i 19.5 -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp://ftc.p2pool.leblancnet.us:19327 -u YOUR_FTC_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

CGminer: cgminer --neoscrypt -I 14 --worksize 16 -g 1 -o ftc.p2pool.leblancnet.us:19327 -u YOUR_FTC_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x


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